The Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® / Secure Information Box (SIB)

The Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® systems are secure information boxes, designed to provide fast access for the Fire & Rescue Service to building plans and information. For operational use, The Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® was developed by Gerda with firefighters to an exacting specification and is a recognised focal point in the event of an incident. The Premises Information Box® is not reliant on power, persons nor Wi-Fi.

The Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® is suitable for applications across a wide range of sectors including health, education, transport, and infrastructure, listed premises, places of assembly, offices and shops, factories and warehouses, heritage buildings. We offer a range of secure information boxes for different applications.

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Where are the new fire safety regulations applied?

They make it a requirement for all high-rise residential building to have easily identifiable secure repositories for clear specified documents intended for use by the fire and rescue service during a fire, as per the NFCC FIA Code of Practice types of premises:

  • Existing blocks of flats whose top storey floor height is 18m or more, or over six storeys (ground plus five upper storeys), whichever is the lower.
  • Existing blocks of flats whose top storey floor height is below 18m or under six storeys which have additional complexity i.e. layout, access, facilities etc.
  • Student accommodation designed like a block of flats, e.g. those adopting a stay put approach whose top storey floor height is 11m or more.
  • New build blocks of flats whose top storey floor height is 11m or more.

Our Solution

Designed to the exacting specification of the Fire & Rescue Service, by fire fighters for fire fire fighters.
The original Gerda secure Premises Information Box™ (PIB®) and Emergency Response Pack (ERP) have been adopted by organisations nationwide and helped establish the FIA&NFCC Code of Practice.

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3. Submission of your install to FRS

Product installation completed and FRS advised, along with registration on Gerda One Key® system.

Make sure your building abides by the Code of Practice

What the regulatory bodies have to say

As a minimum, the regulations require a responsible person to inspect the secure information box annually and ensure that its contents are up to date.

Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022

It is a legal requirement from 23 January 2023 for existing high-rise residential buildings in England to have a secure information box installed on the premises.

Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022

Blocks of flats (purpose group 1(a)) with a top storey more than 11m above ground level should be provided with a secure information box.
NOTE: Consideration should also be given to other buildings with large, complex or uncommon layouts where the provision of a secure information box may be beneficial.

June 2022 Amendments to Approved Document B: Fire safety section 15.19

The need to ensure that information is available to the fire and rescue service in a consistent format to assist with the emergency response, especially taking into account those with mobility, cognitive or sensory impairments is crucial.

Ian Moore, CEO, Fire Industry Association on the code of practice

Ensuring that up to date vital information is readily available to firefighters in an emergency, ensures that those most in need of support are fully considered in the decisions and plan for managing an incident.

Mark Hardingham, Chair National Fire Chiefs Council on the code of practice

We have introduced the biggest improvements to building safety in a generation with the passing into law of the Building Safety Act 2022. These changes will support our tough new regulatory regime, duly ensuring that fire safety measures are incorporated into new high-rise homes and that all new residential buildings meet the same safety standards.

Fire Safety Minister Lord Greenhalgh on the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022

We also support the inclusion of Secure Information Boxes in buildings over 11m, which will give fire and rescue services access to important details about a building and its residents in the event of a fire.

The NFCC Protection & Business Safety Committee Chair, Gavin Tomlinson on the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022

The authors of this Code of Practice are grateful to Gerda Security Products Ltd for their contribution of plans and drawings given as examples in the appendices of this document many of which have been taken or adapted from Gerda’s own Emergency Response Pack guidance.

FIA NFCC Code of Practice for the Provision of Premises Information Boxes in Residential Buildings

Recommendation 33.12b: That the owner and manager of every high-rise residential building be required by law to ensure that the building contains a premises information box, the contents of which must include a copy of the up-to-date floor plans and information about the nature of any lift intended for use by the fire and rescue services.

Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 Recommendations, September 2021


Annual fire related commercial
claims for UK insurers


FRS attended fires in high-rise flats in year to June 2021


Split of social/private
(student) sector


FRS registered using
Gerda One Key


Average FRS response time
to high-rise fires (mins)

High-Rise Residential Buildings

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Social Housing

181878620-612x612 private flats

Private Residence

525970211-612x612 student flats

Student Accommodation

1345793835-612x612 new build

11m New Build

Simple & Effective

Installing your secure information box, or PIB, quickly ensures that the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) have immediate access to on-site plans during a fire.

By implementing the recommendations made by the Grenfell Enquiry, the new Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 ‘seek to improve the fire safety of blocks of flats in ways which are practical, cost effective for individual leaseholders and proportionate to the risk of fire.’

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Secure Premises Information Boxes

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Standard PIB

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ERP Service

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One Key

Uniting Fire Safety & Security™

Just a handful of our accreditations and memberships that make Gerda No.1 for fire safety and security.

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Any existing block of flats whose top story is over 18m, or 6 storeys whichever is the lower (i.e. ground plus 5 alternatively ‘7 or more’), along with 11m or more for student accommodation designed like a block of flats. Plus, any new build blocks of flats with a top story more than 11m above ground level from 1 December 2022 in England.

Unfortunately, The Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 highlighted the lack of on-site information available to London Fire Brigade and recommended that it be required by law for all high-rise residential buildings. In order to keep this information safe and secure a lockable box should be installed and access given to the FRS.

Yes, don’t’ worry, we have production stock in place and can work with you to produce the ERP plans, register with your FRS, and even provide installation if required.

As a minimum the regulations require the RP to inspect annually and ensure contents are up to date, which Gerda can do as part of a maintenance package, though your plans will only need renewing if any of the required elements have changed.

You can, providing you follow the guidance and communicate with your FRS, though you may need to inform your insurer regarding your selected ‘competent person’ for checks and updates. Alternatively, Gerda can supply this as an ongoing service to ensure all guidelines are followed.

The guidance states ‘the responsible person is the person who is responsible for the safety of themselves and others who use a regulated premises. This is normally a building owner, or in residential properties, any other person in control of the premises. The responsible person is the person on whom most of the duties set out in the Fire Safety Order are imposed.’
(The person having control of the building, or a degree of control)

They’re the same, a Premises Information Box (PIB) is the original Gerda name for a secure facility to store information about a building for use by the fire service during an incident, which is now also know by the generic term Secure Information Box (SIB). PIBs are referred to in the initial Grenfell Tower Inquiry and FIA NFCC Code of Practice (for the provision of Premises Information Boxes in Residential Buildings) with the regulations using SIB. With a Gerda PIB you’re installing the SIB originally developed with the fire and rescue service.

Make sure your building abides by the Code of Practice

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